Welcome to my website and please allow me to tell you all about myself.


Hi my name is Beata. I am a fully qualified Iyengar yoga teacher and Pilates instructor (Mat work Diploma from Pilates Institute). I am registered with a Register of Exercise Professionals and fully insured.


I have been involved with fitness industry for 25 years now, firstly as a competitor, then teacher and trainer. I am is passionate about teaching and helping others to achieve their goals. I teach in workplaces, private gyms and also offer one to one training.



I have been teaching yoga from 2006, but I had started practicing it long before that. I believe that yoga helps to make us feeling better, happier, energized and to achieve greater sense of wellbeing.



 One of my classes

  In the UK, the Iyengar Yoga Association organizes the training of teachers, who will already have practiced Iyengar Yoga for a minimum of 3 years. There is a two-year assessed course for the Introductory Certificate and a further three-year assessed course for the higher level Intermediate Certificate. The trademark is only available to qualified Iyengar Yoga teachers. 


                       Iyengar Yoga Certification 



  I am a fully Certified Iyengar Yoga Trainer 


You can download my leaflet by clicking here