Testimonials for me and my teaching


“I was recommended pilates to help me to manage back pains that were stopping me from having a normal life. Beata’s knowledge, professionalism and commitment to improving my health and helping to shape up allowed me to enjoy things I haven’t done in a long time like horseriding and walking. I feel like a new person now!”

M.H., QVC, shopping channel presenter.


“Beata is totally inspirational and a true professional. She helped me lose 6.5 stone in 12 months! She has helped to change my life forever... she will change yours too.”

Lorenzo Rastelli, as featured in Men’s Health magazine, Nov 2005.


“After some off-putting yoga experiences I was thankful to find such an enthusiastic and inspirational yoga teacher.  With Beata, the yoga session turns into an enjoyable and rewarding experience, accessible to all abilities.  Always trying to challenge our bodies in new ways by introducing new postures each week, she will always pay attention to detail ensuring that no injury is caused.  The yoga classes are a definite highlight of my week, providing the perfect opportunity to ease out my stress and re-focus the mind.  I would recommend Beata to anyone interested in yoga.”

Victoria Collins


People come back to Beata's classes time after time. We all like her friendly and approachable manner of teaching; the class is relaxed and we can enjoy ourselves.... but have to work hard too!   I have qualified as an instructor myself recently and very much appreciated Beata's support and encouragement that not everyone would have given.  I certainly intend continue to come to her classes as I enjoy them so much and it helps me continue to learn.



Pilates and yoga are for the beautiful people aren’t they?  Not for fat slobs who have spent their lives avoiding exercise.  But meeting briefly with Beata I felt encouraged to give it a try.  And so it was my life changed forever.  


Now I can stand straight, shoulders away from my ears, belly button in.  Under a watchful eye, bending and stretching, shoulder bridges, down dog, right leg table top, left leg….  all the while thinking only of my breathing.  A posture corrected here, a gentle exhortation, praise there.  Every class slightly different from the previous one, yet the constant reassurance of it being run by someone who knows what she is doing, and who is doing it well. 


As I grow a little stronger and stretch a little further, my regret is that I didn’t start years ago.  I am not one of the supple ones, have not become one of the beautiful people.  But every week there I am, proud and happy to be one of the Beata people!



have been doing yoga for nearly 10 years and have probably been to a dozen or so different instructors’ classes and Beata’s definitely stand out as the best. She is really encouraging, creates a great atmosphere and the classes are always really varied. I feel I have really progressed since starting her class and would recommend them to anyone. She easily manages to make everyone work to the best of their ability in a safe way, even in a very mixed ability group. She is such a positive person it really makes you want to do well for her as well as yourself. She also remembers people’s names – astounding really!


I also take her pilates class which I am new to so can make no comparisons but I thoroughly enjoy it and definitely feel more toned since starting it!  

Jo Gibson


"I have attending both the Yoga & Pilates courses that Beata runs and the attention to detail to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly with the right posture, is excellent. I play a couple of sports and the extra flexibility and strength that the classes have given me, helps not only my actual game play, but also with my recovery. My core strength has improved, as has my balance. I would not hesitate in recommending either of the courses and that's coming from a man who thought the courses may be only for ladies" -

Jon Vamplew